Family Fun Day Out: Free Bouncy Castle

We’ve decided to hold a fun family day in August this year. The exact date is not yet known but it will be between 15th-27th of August. There will be lots of family based activities, including a free bouncy castle for the kids (under 8 only). There will also be activities for the mus and dads including a tasting competition and free coffee. There will also be a couple of stalls selling home made dishes. So don’t miss out!

bouncy castle picture

What’s our reason to old such a day? Simple, we wanted to open our doors and show how family friendly our eatery is and also to raise fund for kids in needs . So what better way to do this then by holding a fun filled day for the family to enjoy. Owners of Sammy’s Rock will also bringing in their family! So let’s meet and have a good time!

There are also one empty spot for a stall. So if you are interested, please contact us. There is a small fee which is payable, but it can be tax deductible if you wish. Have a think about it and let us know if you’d like a spot. Remember, there is only one spot left.. so it will fill in fast! Based on previous experience, there will be lots of people expected to turn out. Especially if you are a small business, as you will get lots of exposure for your business. See it’s a win/win situation for everyone involved.

We expect the weather to be good. Although it is normally windy in August, we are confident that the weather will turn out for the better. The locals will probably know this very very well. Our doors to the cafe will be open leading straight to our alfresco area, where will be having the bouncy castle or two, which is by the way – completely free for the kids to go on!

Our Roof Restoration Now Complete!

If you remember the last time we posted on our blog, we mentioned about our super cool alfresco area. Well now we’ve got another awesome news. Well for our regulars, we don’t think its news anymore as it is quite obvious. What’s the news? Well it’s our new look roof of course! For those who haven’t noticed yet, we just had our roof restored. The awesome vibrant colour is courtesy of Roof Restoration Perth who did a magnificent job!

After weeks of doing our research, we decided to go with Roof Restoration Perth after reading rave reviews and their awesome customer service. We have to admit, their service price is not the cheapest but their quality is top notch! We couldn’t be happier with the service we received and the quality of the finish. So if you’re looking for someone to do your roofing, we would not hesitate to recommend these guys. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

We’ve decided to go with metal roofing, but they can also do other types of roofing if you need it. Whether it’s the traditional tile look or the more modern steel colour coded metal roofing, they can do it. It does sound we’re being over the top and giving them too much praise. But it is well deserved, considering we didn’t get any incentives for giving them a good word here on our blog. We mentioned their name name because we truly think they deserve a mention.

A lot of you might ask: why such vibrant colour? The answer is quite simple, we wanted something to stand out from the rest of the cafe and restaurants in our street. By standing out, it also means it’s easier to find us! So no more excuse!

Our new alfresco area is now ready!

As some of you may know, our alfresco dining area was out of service owing to a “secret” make over. It was out of bounds for nearly two weeks. But as of today, we’re happy to announce that the area is now open to the public.

All we can say is that make over is amazing! It has transformed the area into a classic Perth backyard feeling, just the way we wanted it to be. So what are you waiting for? Come and check it out!

To be honest, the makeover was planned a couple of months ago with a friend of mine who happened to have a concrete contract business. He laid liquid limestone concrete that covered about a half of the alfresco area. The finish was outstanding and we couldn’t be any happier. He did it as a favour and the deal was I gave him a shout on our website for his services. So if you’re after some liquid limestone for your outdoor area then give Roger a call on 0449 639 703 or visit their website at and say Sammy sent you!

We will also be setting up a make shift stage in our alfresco area for the performers. It will definitely be very popular in the summer months.


Hello and welcome to “Sammy’s Rock”! A place where you dine and rock at the same time. Our Cafe and Bar is opened to the public as of today and everyone is welcome. This blog is our means of communication to the general public. Taking a laid back approach, we welcome your feedback in any shape or form.

Inspired by a similar themed cafe in the United States of America. We have created this cafe in Perth, Western Australia to give the opportunity for amateur singers and bands to perform in front of diners. Our diner has the capacity to sit about 80 people. Cosy enough for an acoustic feeling but big enough to give musicians  a wide range of audience.

So if you’re an amateur local band or solo singer, please contact us to book your spot.

For people who love to eat out and enjoy fresh music – Sammy’s Rock is the place for you. Stay tuned for more news and events by following this blog.