Our Roof Restoration Now Complete!

If you remember the last time we posted on our blog, we mentioned about our super cool alfresco area. Well now we’ve got another awesome news. Well for our regulars, we don’t think its news anymore as it is quite obvious. What’s the news? Well it’s our new look roof of course! For those who haven’t noticed yet, we just had our roof restored. The awesome vibrant colour is courtesy of Roof Restoration Perth who did a magnificent job!

After weeks of doing our research, we decided to go with Roof Restoration Perth after reading rave reviews and their awesome customer service. We have to admit, their service price is not the cheapest but their quality is top notch! We couldn’t be happier with the service we received and the quality of the finish. So if you’re looking for someone to do your roofing, we would not hesitate to recommend these guys. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

We’ve decided to go with metal roofing, but they can also do other types of roofing if you need it. Whether it’s the traditional tile look or the more modern steel colour coded metal roofing, they can do it. It does sound we’re being over the top and giving them too much praise. But it is well deserved, considering we didn’t get any incentives for giving them a good word here on our blog. We mentioned their name name because we truly think they deserve a mention.

A lot of you might ask: why such vibrant colour? The answer is quite simple, we wanted something to stand out from the rest of the cafe and restaurants in our street. By standing out, it also means it’s easier to find us! So no more excuse!

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